Android Developer


We are Hiring Full-time Experienced Android Developers!

We’re looking for people who are passionate about the craft of software engineering – just like us. People who believe that code is beautiful, but can still appreciate the realities of business and can deliver on a tight schedule in a dynamic environment. People who love learning, understand the value of teamwork and cherish the feedback of other talented developers. At a high level, this role will allow you to define development processes, lead best practices and understand & solve shared problems across backend teams.


  1. Creating Flexible ( Supporting all Android Devices ) Layouts.
  2. Performing compute extensive operations on background threads.
  3. Strong knowledge of Memory management in Android
  4. Efficient Management of activities and fragments.
  5. Strong expertise in Android Design Patterns.
  6. Strong expertise in Android Architecture such as MVVM, MVP, etc.
  7. Scalable and maintainable coding with experience in java/kotlin best practices.
  8. Experience in linking Firebase services like Storage/Database/Remote-Config to Android.


  1. Experience with Retrofit/HTTP/Glide Client.
  2. Knowledge of Bitmaps and performing image processing functions over Bitmaps
  3. Practical knowledge in Image Processing in Mobile.
  4. Command over OpenGL and experience in fragment and vertex shaders.