Android Developer

Android Developer


We are Hiring Full-time Experienced Android Developers!

We’re looking for people who are passionate about the craft of software engineering – just like us. People who believe that code is beautiful, but can still appreciate the realities of business and can deliver on a tight schedule in a dynamic environment. People who love learning, understand the value of teamwork and cherish the feedback of other talented developers. At a high level, this role will allow you to define development processes, lead best practices and understand & solve shared problems across backend teams.


  • Creating Flexible ( Supporting all Android Devices ) Layouts.
  • Performing compute extensive operations on background threads.
  • Strong knowledge of Memory management in Android
  • Efficient Management of activities and fragments.
  • Strong expertise in Android Design Patterns.
  • Strong expertise in Android Architecture such as MVVM, MVP, etc.
  • Scalable and maintainable coding with experience in java/kotlin best practices.
  • Experience in linking Firebase services like Storage/Database/Remote-Config to Android.


  • Experience with Retrofit/HTTP/Glide Client.
  • Knowledge of Bitmaps and performing image processing functions over Bitmaps
  • Practical knowledge in Image Processing in Mobile.
  • Command over OpenGL and experience in fragment and vertex shaders.