Machine Learning / AI Internship


Vyro is looking for highly motivated students and graduates to join the R&D team as Machine Learning research interns for a minimum of 4 months internship. As an intern, you will be working on creating state of the art custom machine learning models which will be served on million of edge devices.


  1. You will be responsible for the whole lifecycle of ML models including the architecture of the model, finding relevant dataset, creating exportable trained models. 
  2. Reading and coding relevant research papers. 
  3. Working in extremely Agile environment.


  1. Good Experience in Python.
  2. Understanding and experience of coding in one of following frameworks { Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras, Lua.. } 
  3. Intuitive Understanding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning basics like CNNs.
  4. Having experience in building some ML projects in a class, as a personal hobby, as a job, or as part of an open source project
  5. Strong communication skills, verbal and written

Recomended Experience

  1. Excellent grip in Python especially with frameworks like opencv, numpy, matplotlib, etc.
  2. Having the ability to read research papers and creating the architecture described in research papers accordingly.
  3. Experience in one of the relevant domains of Deep Learning like GANs, Face Detection, Style Transfer, In-painting, etc. 
  4. Practical experience in ML models optimisation.