Machine Learning / AI Internship


Vyro is looking for highly motivated students and graduates to join the R&D team as Machine Learning research interns for a minimum of 4 months internship. As an intern, you will be working on creating state of the art custom machine learning models which will be served on million of edge devices.


  • You will be responsible for the whole lifecycle of ML models including the architecture of the model, finding relevant dataset, creating exportable trained models. 
  • Reading and coding relevant research papers. 
  • Working in extremely Agile environment.


  • Good Experience in Python.
  • Understanding and experience of coding in one of following frameworks { Pytorch, Tensorflow, Keras, Lua.. } 
  • Intuitive Understanding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning basics like CNNs.
  • Having experience in building some ML projects in a class, as a personal hobby, as a job, or as part of an open source project
  • Strong communication skills, verbal and written

Recommended Experience

  • Excellent grip in Python especially with frameworks like opencv, numpy, matplotlib, etc.
  • Having the ability to read research papers and creating the architecture described in research papers accordingly.
  • Experience in one of the relevant domains of Deep Learning like GANs, Face Detection, Style Transfer, In-painting, etc. 
  • Practical experience in ML models optimisation.