Software Engineer

About The Compony

With millions of active users and multi million per month downloads Vyro is already one of the top developers on Google Play Store. At Vyro we are always hungry to be doing better every day&night. We are envisioning to expand the Photo Editing Industry forward by introducing tools and products that will ease, and fasten photo editing to next level.
Being a team of young talented people, Vyro strongly believes in young talent because they inherently don’t have any boundaries, and for them nothing in impossible.

Join our team to push forward the mobile photo industry, and to outsmart the competition with tools embedded with technology that makes photos stand out with single finger taps.


We are Hiring Full-time !

We’re looking for people who are passionate about the craft of software engineering – just like us. People who believe that code is beautiful, but can still appreciate the realities of business and can deliver on a tight schedule in a dynamic environment. People who love learning, understand the value of teamwork and cherish the feedback of other talented developers. At a high level, this role will allow you to define development processes, lead best practices and understand & solve shared problems across backend teams.


  1. Develop the R&D for current and upcoming Vyro products by working closely with product managers and design teams. 
  2. Design, develop, test, debug and document new and existing Vyro products.
  3. Work closely with our product managers and design teams to build new and current and innovative application experiences for Android.
  4. Write code to create robust and scalable applications.
  5. Be part of a small and lean team with a strong focus on delivering results.


  1. Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or relevant fields.
  2. Strong Java/C/C++/C#/GLSL/Python/Swift programming knowledge.
  3. Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  4. Strong grip of Data Structures, and Analysis of Algortihms.
  5. Good knowledge of software engineering best practices, patterns, and techniques.
  6. Proficient in OOP concepts and patterns.
  7. Quick learner and excellent team player.


  1. If you are  exceptional coder, you already have the recommended experience. 
  2. Prior experience with one of following fields Android/Image Processing is a plus.
  3. Previous experience in working as Software Engineer as Intern/Part Time/Full Time is a plus.